Our Rabbi’s

Rabbi Moshe Matz

Was born in 1973 in Miami Beach, Florida. He learned in Yeshivat Ner Israel in Baltimore for high school and again after his return from Israel where he learned under for over three years under the great Rabbi and Posek, HaGaon HaRav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, Z"L in Yeshivat Kol Torah. After getting married and learning in Kollel for a few years, Rabbi Matz was offered the position of Community Director in Kollel Birkas Shmuel in Mexico City. In 2001, Rabbi Matz and his family returned to Miami where he currently serves as the Executive Director of Agudath Israel of Florida as well as the Rabbi of the Aventura Shul and as Rabbi and teacher in Bais Yaakov Miami.
(305) 788-0899 Mmatz@agudathisraelfl.org

Rabbi Avishay Yehuda Levy

Was born in 1968 and grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, son of Rabbi Yechezkiel Shalom Levy , the Rabbi of the Argentine Yeshuroon congregation. In his youth he studied at Talmud Torah, Heichal Torah in Argentina , followed by studies at Rabii Shmuel Aryeh Levin’s Yeshiva in Argentina. In 1983 he studied at Porat Yosef Catamon in Jerusalem and in 1985 moved to the Beit Meir Yeshiva in Bnei Brak. Rabbi Avishay Yehuda married Geula Turjeman. In the early years he was involved in establishing close relationship with the Arachim Organization and received his rabbinical ordination and qualified as a slaughterer in accordance with Jewish ritual. In 1982 he worked as the Rabbi of the Beit El congregation in Caracas, Venezuela and in 2002 he arrived in Miami and established the Netivey Ezra congregation. In 2008 we extended to an additional synagogue in Aventura and Thank G-d, our congregation now numbers about two hundred and fifty families. The congregation offers a Mikveh - a ritual bath for women as well as a Mikveh for utensils, a Kolel for yeshiva students, a kindergarten, Talmud Torah and lessons for Bar Mitzvah, Jewish marriage ceremonies, instruction for brides and grooms and anything concerning Jewish matter.


  • Marriage ceremony
  • Bachelorette certificate
  • Certificate of Judaism.
  • Marriage counseling
  • Shalom Bayit Consulting
  • By Rabbi Yossef Harari-Raful – Bar Mitzva preparation, Shabat Chatan , hupa ceremonies